SOTI 推出全新 SOTI MobiControl 13.0版

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SOTI MobiCtrol 13 release

MobiControl 13 特別強化對企業行動化管理功能, , 支援新的行動裝置設備, 新的行動作業系統和新的行動佈署選項。這個全新版本為企業 IT 人員 與 終端使用者 提供更佳的使用體驗與支援功能。


MobiControl 13.0 提供彈性、友善的使用者體驗, 在任何時間、任何地點都可以輕鬆管理任何行動裝置

  • Android for Work: Enables consistent device management with SOTI Kiosk mode and security for both corporate liable and BYOD Android devices.
  • Windows 10: Users are able to enroll a broad range of devices (of their choice) over the air without being on a company network.
  • Self-Service Portal (SSP): Allows users to manage their devices with features such as locate, lock, message or wipe device if lost or stolen.
  • Package via Profiles: Self-service packages via profiles allows users to choose when settings, applications and content can be updated on their devices.
  • Sony Devices: Users can now experience one click sign on, with no interruption to their device through the Silent App Install feature.