What is a total in soccer, basketball betting

Types of totals depending on the calculation

Classic total - can take 2 types of values: multiples of 0.5 (1.5, 2.5) and integer (1.0, 3.0). In the case of multiples, two possible outcomes - either winning or losing a bet. For integer values, there is also a possibility of return.

Asian total means the combined bet on 2 adjacent totals and is represented by multiples of 0,25 (1,25, 2,25, 2,75...). The advantage of this total is that it lets you bet more flexibly and with less risk, as the bet is in fact divided into two. Let's take basketball as an example: TB (165,25) is in fact a bet on the adjacent TB (165,0) and TB (165,5). If the final score is 170, both bets will be winning and the winnings will return to your account. If the result of the match is 165, your account will receive a refund of half of the bet. If the total is below 165, you will lose completely.

Three-way total - is rare in the offices. The essence is to bet on the exact total number of goals. For example, you bet on the total of 1.0, and the teams played with a score of 1:1. Accordingly, your bet lost. But in the case of the final score of 1:0, your bet will succeed.

Variety of bets on the total

Among other things, bookmakers can also give you a huge variety of bets on the total. Some of the options discussed below.

  • Total goals per half - is to guess the total in each of the halves.
  • Personal team total - you need to guess or guess how many goals in soccer or points in basketball the team you choose will score.
  • Total and draw - the bet must be for a draw. For example, 2:2 for a total of TB (2,5), or 1:1 for a total of TM (3,5).
  • Total 10 minutes - the essence is to guess whether a goal will be scored in the first 10 minutes after the start of the game.
  • Total goals scored by a particular player - in this situation, you bet on a particular player, or rather on the number of goals / points that will score or will score a particular player.

Depending on the sport or event, the values of the total will differ from each other. For example, in basketball, the basic number of points, in most cases, is a value of 200.5, in soccer 2.5, and in hockey 5.5.

Soccer and basketball are sports, where the main factor is the result of the match. But, for example, in tennis the game is played up to a certain number of points. That is, the sense is the priority of one opponent over another. Suppose, if we have a favorite in tennis, and the total is 16, it means that the winning score will be approximately 5-3, 5-3. That is, if in soccer or basketball, before making a bet, you need to consider many factors, in tennis the main thing how quickly your favorite can win the match.

There is also such a concept as total betting parimatch statistics. It is most often used in sports where the match is limited in time and the main factor in which the current physical condition of the teams. This is best reflected in the statistics for the last few matches. Many bookmakers provide data that compares the last games and the average total.